About Bhutan: Cultural Diversity

Children in Bhutan


A Slower Pace

Our tours will take you to diverse and sometimes remote regions. The pace may be significantly slower than what you are accustomed to, specifically in terms of service at hotels and stores. If you come prepared to be patient, have an open mind to the cultural differences and try to get to know individuals, you will probably leave with some of the most memorable moments of your life.

A Safe Environment

There is very little crime in Bhutan. It is safe for women travelers and solo travelers.


Photographing in the inner sanctum of temples and Dzongs is prohibited. Outdoor photography is allowed. There are immense opportunities for capturing the natural beauty of the places and people. Asking permission to photograph is a friendly gesture.


The capital is Thimphu. Bhutan neighbors India in the south and Tibet in the north and northwest.


The majority of the people are fluent in spoken and written English and it is widely spoken in the major towns.  English is the medium of instruction in all schools and most Bhutanese speak fluent English. Dzongkha is the official national language of Bhutan, however there are as many as 19 different dialects and numerous languages spoken in the many isolated parts of Bhutan.   Bhutan’s written language is Chhokey.  The population has a 59.5% literacy rate.


Bhutan has a population of 738,267.  The population’s religion is primarily Mahayana Buddhist and individuals are considered members of either the Ngalops group or Sharchops group.  The balance of the population is Nepali / Hindu.

Traditional garb for men is called gho and for women kira. It is worn in religious and administrative offices and schools and is worn to preserve the national identity of Bhutan. Other places you will also see Bhutanese wearing western jeans and clothing.

Food & Drink

The main dish of Bhutan is rice served with spicy chilies and cheese called ema datsi.  Restaurants serve Indian, Continental, Chinese and Bhutanese cuisines. Although Bhutan is a Buddhist nation, poultry, yak, beef, fish and pork is eaten.  It is usually accompanied with a hearty portion of rice and corn that are considered staple foods.  Tea and butter tea are very popular and rice wine and beer is offered during dinners.


The national sport of Bhutan is archery with tournaments regularly begin held. Men play archery using the traditional bamboo bows and arrows but the modern hi-tech bows and arrows imported from USA is also very popularly used.  Shot-put, digor, and soccer are also very popular sports.