About Bhutan: Festivals

Bhutan Black-Necked Crane Festival

Bhutan is known for its colorful religious festivals held in Dzongs (fortresses) throughout the country at different times of the year. Festival dates coincide with the Buddhist calendar as well as the lunar cycle. These festivals commemorate the deeds of Buddha and other great saints through vivid masked-dances. These one-of-a-kind dances tell stories of great saints subduing evils.

Festivals are as much a part of Bhutanese history as they are of modern social culture. Tsechus are large social gatherings in which people of remote villages come together not only to celebrate religious history, but to be blessed and socialize as a nation. It is believed that everyone must attend a Tshechu and witness the mask dances at least once to in order to receive blessings and wash away their sins.

Visiting a Bhutanese festival is one of the best ways for a traveler to experience the unique and a colorful Bhutanese way of life.

2018 Festival Schedule

The Tourism Council of Bhutan has released a tentative festival schedule.

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